Wednesday, November 27, 2002


We are all gods children,
if we belive,
we will have a sheiled of gods love around us,
we will never be harmed,
and if you say,
these speciel words,
he will come down,
in an instent,
to help.
# 1. I know a book that will enspier you. It is a book called," Journey Through Heartsongs" by mattie J.T. Stepank. he has the greatest poams i have ever heard. Check it out it's cool.

# 2. I knkow another book called," Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer. This is a book about a boy that is 12 and he is a genius a criminal master mind and a millionaire. It has fariys and all that stuff check it out.

Interesting Facts:
# 1 Did you know that 4 billion years ago a gigantic asteroid hit Mercery, creating a 1,300-mile wide crater on the surface that could fit the intier state of Texes in it? WOW

# 2 did you know that the twin towers would be as big as the Empier state building if it wasnt for the little point on the top?